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Newport to Bermuda 2024

This 635 mile open-ocean race across the Gulf Stream to Bermuda is a classic.

We've got all the tools you need to prep like a pro, plus the most advanced race weather package available. 

Welcome to the Most Advanced Race Weather Package Available.


We are partnering with these experts in their fields to bring you the most advanced data and analyses

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  • SeaTactics Weather Analysis and Routing

  • Cloudrun High Resolution Weather Data (included with SeaTactics package)

  • Partnering with: Current Lab Ocean Analysis & Data (separate sign up with a special discount code for SeaTactics clients)

As a navigator and meteorologist, I designed the race weather package that I wanted and needed. Now you can get it too. 

2 Package Options:

  • Standard  

  • Custom [Sold Out for 2024] 

n2b wx packages

Go Behind the Nav Desk with a Weather Pro

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Offshore Racing Course
[Newport to Bermuda Edition]

You can go behind the Nav Desk with Chelsea in this Special N2B Edition of our online course

Enrollment Closed for 2024. 

n2b courses

Why Take our Offshore Racing Course?

N2B Route grib.gif
Offshore Weather Principles
Microscale Weather
Creating a Race Strategy for any Offshore Race
Adjustments Based on Reality - ABRs

N2B Edition Special Extras

2 Exclusive LIVE webinars in 2024:

Weather & Strategy & Lessons Learned 2022 - Chelsea Freas
April 10th 2024 6pm EST
Gulf Stream & Currents - Kevin Rosa (Current Lab)
April 17th 2024 6pm EST
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