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Supported Regattas and Events

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  • Forecast Sign-up is open to events ~4 months in the future

  • Online sign up is available by clicking the event name below.

  • Weather Briefing slots will open within ~30 days before the event. 

  • This is not an exhaustive list, and if there is a regatta or training period you'd like support for, please email us !

  • If you or your organization is interested in event-wide support for your regatta, please contact us.

DATES               REGATTA

Feb 22, 2024
March 4-9, 2024
Dec '23- Mar '24
Dec '23- Feb '24
Feb 16-19, 2024
March 13-17, 2024
April 18-21, 2024
June 17-21, 2024

Regatta not listed? Want to work with us for a training block or a different event

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