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Weather Coaching

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  • US Olympic Sailing Team Meteorologist

  • The Ocean Race teams

  • Playbook development 

  • Specific event preparation

  • Speaking engagements at schools, yacht clubs, webinars, Skipper's Briefings, etc.


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Race Forecasting

Work with a professional meteorologist/sailor to gain a competitive edge and develop weather strategy.

  • Around-the-buoys or day racing

  • Distance racing

  • Record attempts

Our race forecasts are pinpointed to your racing area and its local effects, which generic forecasts and apps  often broad-brush. We not only take into consideration local geographic effects, but small-scale processes such as sea breezes and clouds. 

What sets us apart is our knowledge-based approach that incorporates weather strategy into the forecast. It's like getting the local knowledge, and then some.


Day Race Forecasts can Include:

  • Written Forecast featuring:

    • Signs to look for on the race course, like clouds

    • Wind shift types, patterns and 'feel' of the wind

    • Local effects from geography

    • Forecasted trends, short term and long term

    • Major currents (where quality data is available)

    • Hourly wind forecast

    • Discussion of how the forecast could deviate

    • An outlook forecast for the next 1-2 days

  • A 20 min online weather briefing with Chelsea


Distance race Forecasts Include:

  • Forecast covering the racing period featuring: a weather summary highlighting important indicators and visual clues, a wind forecast including suggested routing, general weather, and discussion of how the forecast could deviate.

  • Online weather briefings for certain events (always an add-on option)

  • Additional features as needed such as Gulf Stream information

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Navigation and Sailing

Sail with a professional meteorologist on-board and get real-time weather and strategy on the race course.

Chelsea combines her knowledge of meteorology and sailing to provide specialized routing advice. She has sailed as crew while day racing on dinghies and small keelboats, as well as navigator on large keelboats in distance races and deliveries.


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