Weather Strategies for High Performance Sailing

Online Learning Experience

Going beyond just science lessons, this course is designed to upgrade your sailing strategy using expert weather knowledge.

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Weather concepts that apply to sailing

We take complicated science and make it easy to understand.

Go beyond science lessons

You'll learn real racing strategies to utilize on the water.

Elevate your sailing game

Capitalize on the weather to win your next race.

Lessons dropped weekly in video and text format
Downloadable E-Workbook 
Weekly Live Sessions for discussion and Q&A
Enrollment capped for greater instructor-student interaction​

Course Led By:

Chelsea Carlson
Weather Coach and founder of SeaTactics

Chelsea is a degreed meteorologist and lifelong sailor who has ‘tied the knot’ between the science of weather and the strategy of sailboat racing. She’s the meteorologist for the US Sailing Team, and has a variety of racing experience from Etchells to navigating keelboats offshore. Chelsea is the founder of SeaTactics, delivering expert weather knowledge to racers who want to elevate their sailing strategies to gain a competitive edge.


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Level 2: Weather Strategies for Coastal Racing

Level 2: Weather Strategies for Offshore Racing

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