Weather Strategies for High Performance Sailing

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Beyond just science lessons, this course is designed to bring you actionable sailing strategies using expert weather knowledge.

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Weather concepts that apply to sailing

We take complicated science and make it easy to understand.

Go beyond science lessons
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You'll learn actionable racing strategies to utilize on the water.

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Elevate your sailing game

Capitalize on the weather to win your next race.

Lessons include video, text and quizzes
Downloadable E-Workbook with practice examples
Weekly Application Sessions to discuss on-the-water strategy and Q&A
Small class sizes for instructor-student interaction​

Course Led By:

Chelsea Carlson
Weather Coach and founder of SeaTactics

Chelsea is a degreed meteorologist and lifelong sailor who has ‘tied the knot’ between the science of weather and the strategy of sailboat racing. She’s the meteorologist for the US Sailing Team, and has a variety of racing experience from one design dinghies to navigating keelboats offshore. Chelsea is the founder of SeaTactics, delivering expert weather knowledge to racers who want to elevate their sailing strategies to gain a competitive edge.

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  • Ch 1: Essential Weather Terms

  • Ch 2: Clouds

  • Ch 3: Changes in Wind

  • 3 previously recorded live Application Sessions

Click here learn more about Level 1 curriculum.

Take at your own pace online anytime!


  • Ch 1: Sea Breezes

  • Ch 2: Onshore Gradient Winds

  • Ch 3: Wind Pressure and Shifts

  • Weekly live Application Sessions on Thursdays during March 2021

Click here learn more about Level 2 curriculum.

Course Begins
Feb 28 2021 

Live sessions 3/4, 3/11, 3/18


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*Also Available in 2 monthly payments of $299.50 

Level 2: Offshore Racing

Coming Soon


“Unlocked the mystery of sea breezes.” 

—  Greg

Winter/Spring 2021 Dates:

Feb 1   - Level 1 available online (self-paced)

             - Enrollment Opens for Level 2

Feb 28  - Level 2 "live" course begins

Mar 4*    - Chapter 1 Live Session, 7pm EST

Mar 11*  - Chapter 2 Live Session, 7pm EST

Mar 18* - Chapter 3 Live Session, 7pm EDT


*Additional live sessions may be held for groups or Pacific Time on a different day/time.

All Live sessions are recorded and available online after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

This course is designed for sailors and other wind-driven athletes (kiteboarders, windsurfers, etc) that want to gain a competitive edge via weather concepts that directly apply to on-the-water strategies. If you enjoy wind sports on the water and want to step-up your weather strategies to a high-performance level, this course is for you. Do I need a background in weather science?
No! This course is for all levels and ages, and will cover the knowledge you need to know in an easy-to-digest format using real-life examples.

Who is this course NOT right for?
If you sail for leisure but don’t race or compete (cruising), you may find that Level 2 covers more strategy than you will practically use. However we still highly recommend Level 1 where you will still get a lot of great information. Stay tuned for information about a Weather for Cruisers course coming in the near future! If you are looking for highly technical collegiate-level meteorology, Levels 1 + 2 may not be for you, as we don't go deep into the academics. Stay tuned for a possible Level 3 course that dives much deeper into the science of forecasting + meteorology principles.

Which level is right for me?

In Level 1, you’ll gain an understanding of the essential weather concepts that apply to sailing, without having to get a PhD in Meteorology. Even if you have some background weather knowledge, many people find they still learn a LOT of new things in Level 1!
Note: It is highly encouraged that you work through Level 1 before enrolling in Level 2 courses, even if you have some basic or moderate weather knowledge. Level 1 lays the foundations for many of the terms we use in Level 2, which may be slightly different definitions from what you’ve heard before.
In Level 2 (Coastal Racing), we’ll build on the concepts from Level 1 and get in the trenches on racing strategies. In order to enroll in Level 2 without first taking Level 1, please reach out to us for a quick chat. This option will likely be reserved for clients that have already taken some basic seminars or courses with Chelsea/SeaTactics already.

"I don't race.. I'm a cruiser. Is this right for me?" You can still get a lot of great info from our Essential Weather Concepts (Level 1) course. I would recommend a track that starts with Level 1, and then stay tuned for our Weather for Cruisers course which will cover the essential concepts relevant for your leisure sailing and passage-making.

How is this different from other weather seminars or courses?

The goal of this course is not to go so deep into the science theories that you end up with a degree in Meteorology. This will be an easy-to-digest course that uses practical examples that any sailor can understand.

The intention of this course is to be interactive with the instructor, allowing students direct access to a weather coach and ask questions, which is why enrollment is capped to keep the class size small. The most successful students are usually the most engaged.

There are also a variety of ways to learn the material for different types of learners. You can watch the presentations via audio/video or read the text lessons. You’ll apply what you learn using an E-Workbook and in the Live sessions that will have interactive polls and quizzes.

How many weeks is the course?

Each Level of the course has 3 chapters, and is designed for you to complete 1 chapter per week. So if you are completing both levels of the course, it is generally about 6-weeks. Level 1 is set at your own pace, however. When you sign up, you will have access to all 3 chapters, and there are no “live” sessions. There will be recordings from previous live sessions though, so you won’t miss out on anything! For Level 2, on each Sunday a new chapter of content will be dropped. You can work at your own pace. There will be 1 live session scheduled each week (about 1 hr long), towards the end of the week to give you time to work through the lessons. The live sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss one, but you will get more out of it if you can attend live. Attending the live session is encouraged even if you haven’t worked through that week’s material yet - you’ll still get a lot of great info and will learn through engagement. Then you can go back and take the lessons which you will likely understand better.
You’ll have lifetime access to ALL of the content inside the course (including recordings of the live sessions) to re-watch or go back and retake the course as updates are made periodically over the years.

How long will I spend on the material each week?

Estimated weekly time commitment: ~ approx. 1.5 - 2 hours.

Plan to spend AT MOST 45min to 1 hour per week on the chapter materials.
Live sessions will be once each week, approx 1 hr long Zoom sessions, and attendance is highly encouraged. (However they will also be recorded for you to watch afterwards) Optional workbook assignments could take another 10-15 min per week.
Remember you’ll have lifetime access to the content inside the course (including recordings of the live sessions) to re-watch or go back and retake the course as updates are made periodically over the years.

How does the online course platform/website work?

The course is hosted on the platform Thinkific.
From Thinkific’s website: "Thinkific is a software platform that enables entrepreneurs to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses." Learn more about them here:

You will access the player through the sign-in screen at which will require you to create a username and password to access the course.

Inside the first lesson of the course, there is a tutorial walkthrough on how to use the online course player, but it is very easy and intuitive.
The Live Sessions each week will be hosted inside the course platform using Zoom. The Zoom meeting is embedded directly into the course player, so there is no additional meeting link. It is recommended that you create a free account through Zoom to make the process smoother.

What is the cost? What kinds of payments do you accept?

Please see the top of this webpage for Individual enrollment pricing.
There is a monthly payment plan option if you are enrolling in both Level 1 and Level 2 of the course at the same time. Your credit card will be charged $299.50 at enrollment with the second charge of $299.50 one month later. Yacht Club Reps, Coaches, Instructors: Please contact me for group pricing. This is a special rate for the group, and can include personalized Live Sessions each week to work towards your group’s goals or focus on a specific sailing location(s). Our credit card processing is through Stripe, which accepts most major credit cards [Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc]
Complete and updated list here:

What if I miss a week? How long will I have access to the material?

No worries! Once a Chapter’s content is live, you’ll have lifetime access to it. You can learn at your own pace and return whenever you like. Each week’s Live Session will be recorded and available for you to re-watch. You can even go back and retake the course as updates are made periodically over the years.
If you haven’t worked through that week’s material yet, attending the live session is still encouraged - you’ll still get a lot of great info and will learn through engagement with other students and the instructor. Then you can go back and take the lessons which you will likely understand easier!

I’m interested in Group Enrollment...

If you have a group of 6 or more people from a yacht club or training team, you can contact us to set up a special group enrollment. This is a special rate for the entire group that can include custom weekly Live Sessions with Chelsea to work towards your group’s goals, or focus on your specific sailing locations. 6-14 people …. $420 per person 15-20 people…. $380 per person
20+ people.... contact Custom Live Sessions are: +$350/3 sessions for 6-12 people and free with 12 or more people. - Sessions that will apply principles to your specific locations and goals - Scheduled based on your group availability and time zone - 60 to 75 minutes including Q&A - Designed to be weekly during Level 2 of the course. - Slots are limited so sign up early! To get started, email with: - The size of your group - If you want custom live sessions and what day/time you think might work best - Your group’s location and goals for the live sessions

What if I have other questions?

Please reach out by email if you have any questions, ideas, or comments! or

When is the next course starting?

Dates for Spring 2021 are now posted. Stay Tuned for Summer and Fall course dates, and new course offerings! Be sure to enter your email at the top of the main page to get notified about upcoming courses!